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Publishing Services

Book publishing services, editing, and book reviews.

Publishing services

If you have written a book, first let me start by congratulating you. Welldone! You deserve a pat on the back. It can't have been easy to put all your love and time into completing the book. However, your work as an author has only just begun. You need the world to read your book and that's where we come in. We can help publish your book, and first take it through the editing process  that will help bring out your writers voice, to helping with a unique book cover and finally market your book. We will  hold your hand all through the process, provide advise and nudge you in the right directions from getting reviews to eventually making sales.

We do not accept all books, so please ensure that your book is very well finished and meets our submission criteria before submitting to us.

If we like your work, you will receive an email detailing our offers.

If we take you on, you will become part of our family and we will work hard together to ensure that your book succeeds.

If we think your book has potential and needs a rewrite, we will also let you know this, and if we are still interested in your work, we will help you through the journey of making your book into a great read.

For all other services as various stages of editing, cover designs, marketing, to planning your book launch get in touch through our email

Please see below for submission criteria

Submission Criteria

Fiction: Please include the following.

Send a query (Include your name, genre, total words and your writing goals)

Send your synopsis, and a complete manuscript.

Non Fiction

Send us a brief description of your work.

If we like your work we will request for the full manuscript.

Send all queries and manuscripts to

Please note, we do not accept contents with explicit graphic sex scenes and contents with same sex scenes. 

Please wait 4-6 weeks to hear from us, as we get a lot of submissions, we will endeavour to provide you with feedback if unsuccessful where possible.

Need Reviews?

Send us your Arc, or completed book before and after publication and we will provide you with an honest critical review of your work, which we will post on Goodreads and Amazon UK.

Posting your review is totally dependent on you, if our honest opinion of your work does not sit well with you, you are well within your rights to ask us not to post such a review. We are not here to damage your work only to make it better. Please be advised that all critical reviews cost £59 for books up to 200 pages and £79 for books with pages between 201- 500.

Unto Big News!

We are proud to announce that Sebastian 4: The call of hearts  by Elizabeth Johnson is coming out soon. Also,  soon to be released is: Harry Moon: The Blue Eye Wolf by Josiah King and Elizabeth Johnson. Look out for these great romance books according to us, they are absolutely delightful reads.