Harry Moon and his mum were doing just fine without a father in his life. He was a popular boy at school until the arrival of James Stein, who rocked his world with the secret he shared with Harry. Now, all Harry could think about was how cool it would be to be a wolf, just like James. Harry admired how James and his father interacted and wanted to be in James’ life so much.On his fourteenth birthday, James granted Harry’s wish and turned him into a wolf. At first, Harry thought he would have James as a guide, but to Harry’s horror, James and his father disappeared, leaving Harry and his mum to deal with the aftermath on their own. Life was hard, until Lana, an intoxicatingly beautiful girl, came into Harry’s life. Harry lost his heart to her, but he knew he couldn’t be with her; after all, he was a wolf and she was a mere human.

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