Hasina: My Great Escape


Hasina: My Great Escape

An urban interracial romance novel:

Hasina Suri Fayed, a true beauty and an heiress, was never going to conform to any kind of authority that dictated and suppressed her will to live her life her way. Her marriage to Ashraf, a powerful, wealthy, and handsome young man had been planned by her parents at the expense of her freedom. The only way out for her was to plot the great escape. Hasina pretended to be in consent with the marriage to fool her parents into allowing her to travel abroad to shop for her wedding. At the JFK airport, she abandoned her mother and ran into freedom, or so she thought.

She soon realized that fate had a very different plan for her life. Robert Philip Parkman, the man that was to become the centre of her universe, locked gazes with her. Just a touch, and sparks flew. Both their hearts were smitten. Robert had never loved anyone until he met her–the troubled looking lady that stole his heart at the JFK. Before introductions were made, Hasina disappeared into obscurity, but memories of her consumed him until fate brought them back together. Soon Robert found out who Hasina truly was but that wasn’t going to stop him from asking her to marry him. However, before he could propose to her, she was suddenly kidnapped. Without any info on her, he later learns she’s back with her betrothed. Will Robert fight for Hasina’s freedom, or would he just give up and let things be as they naturally should?

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