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Jaekeal: The Hunter Boy

Portfolio Jaekeal: The Hunter Boy Jaekeal: The Hunter Boy Jaekeal wanted to be a hunter like his father and like his grandfather. He ventured into the forest on his own despite his father Tunka’s warning of the dangers of the forest. His adventure into the forest against his father’s will would put his life in […]
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Jana That Plague Called Love

Portfolio Jana: That Plague Called Love Jana: That Plague Called Love Jana was forced into a loveless marriage by her parents and the aftermath was the tragic murder of the man she loved Tomen. Years later, Jana can’t bring herself to forget him or love another. Nina, Jana’s niece is about to face the same […]
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Sebastian Book 1: A Vampire’s Torment

Portfolio Sebastian Book 1: A Vampire’s Torment An epic paranormal romance: Sebastian was turned into a vampire on his eighteenth birthday by his mother, whom he thought had died ten years earlier. His mother teaches him how to live amongst humans without spilling human blood. Almost two centuries later, his mother is killed and he […]
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Sebastian Book 2: Dark Times Arising

Portfolio Sebastian Book 2: Dark Times Arising An epic paranormal romance adventure: He lifted his hands to wipe the tears, and as his hands moved from her cheek to the corner of her lips, he longed to kiss her. Hanna could tell what was on his mind and for a mad second, she also wanted […]
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Sebastian Book 4: The Call Of Hearts

Portfolio Sebastian Book 4: The Call Of Hearts Court Imperial The war was now over, though Hanna and Sebastian had no memories of their involvement in it, nor of the powers Hanna once wielded. Their past was nothing but forgotten dreams, including their memories of each other. However, although their memories were gone, their hearts […]
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Sebastian Book 3: Conquest of Power

Portfolio Sebastian Book 3: Conquest of Power An urban paranormal adventure fantasy: Sebastian’s eyes close as he tries to welcome the inevitable, but then she speaks again and this time, she calls him “S.” In his weakened state, excitement surges through him; Sebastian wonders if he is hallucinating again. He knows troubled minds conceive desperate […]
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Harry Moon: The Blue Eyed Wolf

Portfolio Harry Moon: The Blue Eyed Wolf: Harry Moon: The Blue Eyed Wolf Harry Moon and his mum were doing just fine without a father in his life. He was a popular boy at school until the arrival of James Stein, who rocked his world with the secret he shared with Harry. Now, all Harry […]
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Hasina: My Great Escape

Portfolio Hasina: My Great Escape An urban interracial romance novel: Hasina Suri Fayed, a true beauty and an heiress, was never going to conform to any kind of authority that dictated and suppressed her will to live her life her way. Her marriage to Ashraf, a powerful, wealthy, and handsome young man had been planned […]
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