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JAEKEAL: The Hunter Boy

Jaekeal wanted to be a hunter like his father and like his grandfather. He ventured into the forest on his own despite his father Tunka's warning of the dangers of the forest. His adventure into the forest against his father's will would put his life in danger as he comes in close contact with many dangerous animals. However, things would get interesting as Jaekeal sought to find his way back home.

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An amazing book with an interesting twist, I would recommend for children of all ages.

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 Hasina: My Great Escape 

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Hasina: My Great Escape

Hasina: My Great Escape

Hasina Suri Fayed, a true beauty and an heiress, was never going to conform to any kind of authority that dictated and suppressed her will to live her life her way. Her marriage to Ashraf, a powerful, wealthy, and handsome young man had been planned by her parents at the expense of her freedom. The only way out for her was to plot the great escape. Hasina pretended to be in consent with the marriage to fool her parents into allowing her to travel abroad to shop for her wedding. At the JFK airport, she abandoned her mother and ran into freedom, or so she thought.

She soon realized that fate had a very different plan for her life. Robert Philip Parkman, the man that was to become the centre of her universe, locked gazes with her. Just a touch, and sparks flew. Both their hearts were smitten. Robert had never loved anyone until he met her--the troubled looking lady that stole his heart at the JFK. Before introductions were made, Hasina disappeared into obscurity, but memories of her consumed him until fate brought them back together. Soon Robert found out who Hasina truly was but that wasn't going to stop him from asking her to marry him. However, before he could propose to her, she was suddenly kidnapped. Without any info on her, he later learns she's back with her betrothed. Will Robert fight for Hasina's freedom, or would he just give up and let things be as they naturally should?

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Latest release! Hasina: My Great Escape, Jaekeal: The Hunter Boy.

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Sebastian:The Life of Sebastian and Hanna Greene

 Sebastian was turned into a vampire on his eighteenth birthday by his  mother, whom he thought had died ten years earlier. His mother teaches  him how to live amongst humans without spilling human blood. Almost two  centuries later, his mother is killed and he blames humans. After a year  of brutally killing humans to exact vengeance, he comes upon the young  child of a woman he just killed. He can't bring himself to hurt the  girl, so he names her Hanna after his mother, and finds a family to  raise her. He anonymously provides for her, making sure her new parents  have all the money they need to ensure she has a good life. Sebastian  disappears from Hanna's life to better himself for all the killings he  has committed. Although Hanna is out of his life, Sebastian can't get  her out of his head, and believes his love for her is like a father. He  reappears in her life seventeen years later to see how she is faring,  only to see that Hanna has grown into a beautiful woman. He falls in  love with her all over again, but this time as a lover. He plans an  "accidental" meeting, which does not go well. Before Sebastian leaves  Hanna once again, he learns that vampires and wolves are after her. Now  it is up to Sebastian to secretly guard Hanna's life. 

Sebastian: The life of Sebastian and Hanna Greene is a paranormal romance, and one of the best Romance novels out ther for all lovers of romance books.

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A gripping, high-quality vampire adventure!

By Allison Brooks on May 31, 2015

As a  long-time fan of the vampire genre, my taste has become a little jaded  on the paranormal front . This means I often bypass books in this genre,  simple because it seems like so many are either poorly done retreads or  so ridiculous that I can't maintain any interest.

SEBASTIAN  might have just changed my mind about all that. This book is deep and  rich and thoroughly satisfying. You can read other reviews for the basic  plot about the unusual beginnings of the love between Sebastian and  Hanna, but what I'd like to focus on is just how well Ms. Johnson  brought this story to life. This is a complex story with many-faceted  characters (not just the leads, but also "supporting" characters you  might along the way).

I really, really like the way she developed  the story line about Sebastian sparing baby Hanna and then loving her  as an adult. To me, this was far better done than the semi-icky  attraction between Jacob and Renesmme. in BREAKING DAWN. Despite the  vast differences in age and experience, Sebastian and Hanna's attraction  feels like that of equals, and this is a credit to what a great job Ms.  Johnson has done in creating Hanna as such a strong female lead. In the  end, they're "equals" in the most important way of all: they both have  an equal desire and need for each other, two halves that crave being  completed. Fantastic, unexpected chemistry!

A final word that's  slightly off-topic to the book. Take a moment to read Ms. Johnson's  profile. This is an author who dearly loves her craft, and for  burgeoning her advice about how to write a novel. These  are hard-won pearls of wisdom. I looked for other works, but I believe  this is Ms. Johnson's debut work (unless there are other pen names). I  sincerely hope she'll produce more books because Amazon needs  high-quality novels like this to shine against the sea of dreck that  seems to be on the rise.

Great job, Ms. Johnson. I thoroughly enjoyed your work, and I look forward to reading more of it! 

Paperback £12.99

Ebook £2.99.

Latest Releases

Sebastian 2: Dark Times Arising

Sebastian 3: Conquest of power

 Coming soon! Sebastian 4: The call of hearts 

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Sebastian 2: Dark Times Arising

 He lifted his hands to wipe the tears, and as his hands moved from her cheek to the corner of her lips, he longed to kiss her.
Hanna  could tell what was on his mind and for a mad second, she also wanted  to kiss him; she wanted to understand why she was suddenly attracted to  him. For a second they stared at each other and then their lips met and  moved against each other with want.  The kiss was all that Hector had  dreamed that it would be; he felt alive; with his eyes closed, his head  was spinning with desire, and he pulled her closer to him as if his life  depended on it.
For Hanna, it was nice; at first it made her stop  hurting inside, but something felt wrong and different in her head; it  was not like she had felt with Sebastian; then the thought of Sebastian  jolted her brain and she pulled away at once.
While Hanna and  Sebastian embark on dealing with the pain of their separation from each  other, Hanna continues to gain more enemies all hungry for her powers.  With all the wars raging, Sebastian finds it hard to walk away even  though Hanna made it clear she didn’t need him. But later, Hanna  discovers a revelation about someone, news that may help heal their  sufferings but would it be enough or is it too little too late for their  love … 


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Even better than book one!

By carissa backherms on April 27, 2016


I  was excited to hear of this book's release because I thoroughly enjoyed  book one. Get ready, because two is even better than the first!
The  author picks up where she left off in book one, with Hanna learning that  Sebastian isn't quite the hero she thought...or is he?
With a big  piece of new info, she's ready to make amends - finally, I was dying! -  but along the way, we meet new characters and learn more about the old  ones.
I enjoyed the character development and backstory in this one.  There was a lot of well-placed tension and build-up, which I enjoyed.
Just as she did in book one, Elizabeth spins a tale of vampires, violence, drama, and love into a web of excitement.
I loved the epic battle at the end, and I enjoyed connecting with all of the characters even more after reading book one.
Parts of this book were so exciting, I had to go grab some snacks.
Elizabeth's  writing is smooth and concise; this was a fast read but one I wasn't  read to finish because....there's still more to the story! So I know  what that means. A book 3!!! But I did feel satisfied at the end. It was  such a good continuation of the story.
I'm truly looking forward to what comes next!

Paperback £13.99

Ebook  available  on Amazon and other platforms  for £3.99

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Sebastian 3: Conquest of power, available now for order.

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Sebastian 3: Conquest of Power

 Sebastian's eyes close as he tries to welcome the inevitable, but then  she speaks again and this time, she calls him "S." In his weakened  state, excitement surges through him; Sebastian wonders if he is  hallucinating again. He knows troubled minds conceive desperate ideas  that bring about all sorts of imaginations, and he is sure that he is  hearing things that aren't real. "S, can you hear me?" Hanna pleads.
Mason  Benedict continues his quest to resurrect his wife, Annemarie, and to  gain the gift of light that enables vampires to exist in daylight and  walk under the sun. His fame grows and many vampires join his army at  the prospect of becoming day walkers. For this to happen, Hanna's blood  and powers must be siphoned. Sebastian and Hanna must be found; imminent  war is brewing. Hanna finds that she must also defend against the  malicious Hilda Denali of the wolf tribe. Hilda blames Hanna for the  curse on her tribe; her mission is simply to kill Hanna and cleans the  wolf curse. Although Sebastian and Hanna are united again, there is a  third wheel in their union, Hector, who has decided that Sebastian must  die, but will his plans work? Sebastian and Hanna must decide whether to  fight for their freedom or to run.
Conquest of Power is the much anticipated third book in Elizabeth Johnson's captivating Sebastian vampire romance saga 


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Love and War Collide

ByStephen M. King on July 22, 2017

 I just  finished the third book in the Sebastian series by Elizabeth Johnson  entitled Sebastian 3: Conquest of Power. I found it to be every bit as  compelling as Book 1, The Life of Sebastian and Hanna Greene, and Book  2, Dark Times Arising. I will add the same proviso in this book review  as I did for the previous two which is that the vampire genre is hardly  my favorite. However, there is something about the way that Ms. Johnson  forms her characters and constructs her story arc that just draws me in.

The  center of this book is again the relationship between the unique  vampire Sebastian, with his wonderful strength and skills, and his  partner, a very special lady named Hanna Greene. Theirs is a love story  with a tumultuous intensity and one that is buffeted by many forces, so  much so that they remained apart for three years.

Many of the  same characters from Books 1 and 2 re-emerge in this sequel including  Hanna’s mother Hope; a set of vampire brothers named Nicholas, Henry,  and Thomas; Hilda Denali, leader of the wolf tribe; Mason Benedict, the  oldest and most powerful vampire of them all; and his witch wife  Annemarie. However, some have perished as this story begins such as the  supremely villainous Anton and Zachary from a different trio of brothers  who succumbed in battle in Book 2. This leaves only the treacherous  brother Hector, who plays a major role in this story.

Mason  Benedict is the evil power center in this book. He wants for himself and  for his vampires something Sebastian already has, the ability to walk  in the sun. Some of the holes and misunderstandings between Sebastian  and Hanna in the previous two books are filled in when we learn of the  manipulations of Mason.

Sebastian and Hanna’s relationship is  constantly tested as the battle lines are drawn in this tale. Yet,  theirs is a love so powerful that Hanna observes that if they die it’s  ok, for they experienced a level of love that few in this lifetime  receive. I found myself envious reading about them. Yet, at the same  time, they cannot consummate their relationship for reasons which you  will learn when you read the book.
Everything builds to the final  climactic battle, one of the best I have ever read. Sebastian and Hanna,  the massive vampire army of Mason Benedict, and Hilda Denali and her  wolf tribe go to war at a level that reminded me of Lord of the Rings.

At  the risk of sounding promotional, I strongly recommend that you read  these three books sequentially. One could pop in and still enjoy  Conquest of Power, but I do believe you will really gain a greater  appreciation of the story arc if you read all three. Elizabeth Johnson  is a great storyteller! 

Paperback £12.99

Ebook £2.99

Coming soon!

Sebastian 4: The call of hearts

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