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Aldage Books Publishing is the home for great books. Our books are heart- racing, toe curling, romance, thrillers, paranormal horror fictions and loads more.

Our novels are enjoyable treats, boasting of great stories, our authors are talented storytellers, we have the best books in romance, thrillers, crimes and we are certain that we will  keep you entertained and leave you wanting more. Check out bookstores, and online stores for copies of our books or better yet order one from us.

Latest releases!


The Author Elizabeth Johnson has just released 

Hasina: My Great Escape

A thoroughly enjoyable romance.
Sebastian 3: Conquest of power.  Another recently released book. This book along with her other books have garnered wonderful reviews. It is indeed a must read if you are after romance, danger, thriller, suspense and an Epic war.

Watch out for Sebastian 4: The call of hearts
Other books by Elizabeth Johnson are soon to be announced,  along with books from our other talented authors. 

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