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Elizabeth Johnson

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Elizabeth Johnson

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The Call of Hearts

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Allison Brooks

Having followed Sebastian and Hanna's story from the beginning, I was eager to see how Ms. Johnson would continue their story in CONQUEST OF POWER. Let me just say that I was not disappointed! In a publishing world where novels and their plots are growing thinner and thinner, the SEBASTIAN series stands out as a shining example of complex characters and rich storytelling. CHRONICLE is definitely the crown jewel so far, and that is saying a lot after two previous excellent installments. Highly recommend.


Fans of the "Sebastian" series will not be disappointed by this third outing in the saga. Sebastian and Hanna are estranged after Sebastian's shocking revelation to Hanna in the previous novel. Sebastian is being held prisoner by Mason, a vampire hundreds of years more powerful than Sebastian, in an effort to get to Hanna. Mason desperately wants something that Sebastian has. He wants to become a day-walker. It is a power that only Hanna can provide, and Mason will stop at nothing to attain that power.


Executive Manager
Sebastian 3: Conquest of Power, by Elizabeth Johnson, is a rich and satisfying addition to her Sebastian vampire series. Early in the story, Hanna and Sebastian are reunited after their long separation recounted in the second book. The end of the story involves an epic battle and some interesting surprises that will, undoubtedly, be developed in the next book. This is a fascinating story with winning characters and a complex plot.

Danielle James

Sebastian is a vampire who has never known love. After years of abuse and neglect by his drunken father he is turned on his birthday by his mother. She trains him for two hundred years to fight the urges inside of him. Raised on animal blood she is determined to show him that he can be more than the animal raging to be set free. At first he resists her, but soon comes to love her for the choices she has made.

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